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      <Abstract>Most business firms across the world are in the race to target more and more clients and customers to generate revenue through sales. The different business firms according to their nature, types of&#13;
business, products or services they use the various sales techniques and methods. Cold Calling is the&#13;
strategic marketing process of approaching unknown potential prospects. The term __ampersandsign#39;Cold__ampersandsign#39; refers a sales person not&#13;
done any groundwork for going to approach. Potential customers can be targeted with the help of cold calling&#13;
through the various means of it. Basically in the sales process, the sales person contact the customers or clients via&#13;
telephone, can visit him physical and drop-in visit. This strategic sales technique is widely used in service industries&#13;
across the globe. In India, Banking, Insurance and Broking firms are mostly using it as a mean of lead generation and&#13;
converting the client into prospect. The sales person mostly dislikes this process of marketing. The sales person&#13;
always hesitate to undertake it because of mainly two reasons, firstly the fear of failure and secondly the fear of&#13;
rejection. Many sales experts believe that the cold calling is the most efficient and effective way to generate new&#13;
leads. But due to the development of technology and advancement in various marketing communication means, cold&#13;
calling is losing its popularity.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Customer, Prospect, Cold Calling, Sales, Marketing, Lead</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://aimsjournal.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=3398&amp;title=COLD CALLING - THE STRATEGIC WAY OF SELLING TO UNKNOWN POTENTIAL PROSPECT</Abstract>