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      <Season>January 2011 - June, 2011</Season>
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          <FirstName>MS. SHARAYU</FirstName>
          <FirstName>PROF. SUBBARAM</FirstName>
      <Abstract>According to the World Bank, developing countries__ampersandsign#39; combined growth will fall to 2.1 per cent, or to zero per cent excluding China and India. In this context the study gains immense importance in understanding&#13;
the managerial perceptions of the emerging challenges during recession and the necessary remedial&#13;
actions to be taken so that the business growth is ensured.&#13;
The objectives of the study are :&#13;
a) To understand the managerial perceptions of challenges in business growth during recession&#13;
b) To analyse the perceptions using appropriate statistic.&#13;
c) To discuss the analyzed results in fora of managers to brief on their possible futuristic performance&#13;
A list of 15 statements had been prepared and managers who are employed in corporates across the world ranging&#13;
from the far east to the west in Asia, Africa and USA were asked to rank order them as they perceived them to be&#13;
challenges for business growth during recession. The mean of the ranks was divided in two comparable formats of&#13;
Indian Managers and Foreign Managers. Spearman__ampersandsign#39;s Rank correlation was used as statistic to determine the impact&#13;
of the ranking and necessary correlation study made. Total of 100 managers were asked to submit their response by&#13;
email and these were tabulated to obtain the mean rank and hypotheses tested at 5% significance level using __ampersandsign#39;z__ampersandsign#39;&#13;
test(critical value: 1.771 at 5% significance) and statistical inference was made. It was seen that the calculated&#13;
value (-3.006689) is less than the critical value as per Table and hence the null hypotheses that __ampersandsign#39;the perceptions of&#13;
foreign and Indian managers are independent__ampersandsign#39; is accepted. Managers need to understand that they have an&#13;
important role to play in organizational development vis-a vis their own growth.</Abstract>
        <Abstract>https://aimsjournal.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=3381&amp;title=GLOBAL RECESSION : MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES MANAGERIAL PERCEPTION ON GROWTH, CHALLENGES __ampersandsign STRATEGIES</Abstract>