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      <JournalTitle>Allana Management Journal of Research, Pune</JournalTitle>
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      <Volume-Issue>Volume 3, Issue 1</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>January 2013- June 2013</Season>
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          <FirstName>Dr. Yamini</FirstName>
          <FirstName>Ms. Muskan Karamchandani</FirstName>
          <FirstName>Mr. Dhwanil Mehta</FirstName>
      <Abstract>This study is an attempt to examine the evolving complex structure of Indian financial system in period preceding the euro zone crisis and the period during euro zone crisis. It uses the dimension reduction technique of principal component analysis, to gain an insight on the dominant components of financial system in different economic phases. The statistically robust technique of component analysis classifies the seven major components of financial system into two taxons providing evidence in support of much debated taxonomy. Further the graphical mapping technique of minimum spanning tree using Kruskal__ampersandsign#39;s algorithm has identified substantial changes in the linkage patterns of the components of Indian financial System in the two sample periods. The study provides useful insights on the underlying pattern of the constituents of emerging Indian economy and contributes towards an increased understanding of the organization of financial system in different economic phases. These findings are of great assistance to portfolio managers and financial engineers for managing of risk arising due to financial shocks. On a macro level the findings provide an innovative and fertile ground for policy makers to have more realistic regulations in place with the flexibility of modifying them in times of turmoil where behavior of components of the financial system may be different. Also conclusively, the field of bio economics gains ground in India with this endeavor.&#13;
KEYWORDS Minimum spanning tree, principal component analysis, taxonomy, financial structure and euro zone crisis.</Abstract>
        <Abstract>https://aimsjournal.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=13331&amp;title=TAXONOMY IN INDIAN FINANCIAL STRUCTURE : MYTH OR TRUTH</Abstract>