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          <FirstName>Prof. Seema</FirstName>
      <Abstract>This paper discusses about the gap between the employable and educated candidates. Also the paper focuses on the concept of corporate education, training and the needs and importance of corporate education. Corporate Education / Executive Education is being offered ail across the globe and the executives who have gone through this type of a formal education have excellent up a gradation of their knowledge as the participants come in with experience. While the takers are the working community so they bring in a lot of learning and mature discussions into the class. They are able to implement almost immediately the concepts learnt in the classroom and bring to the table valuable learning through the implementation of the theoretical inputs. There has been a lot of research around this kind of education mainly to understand the ROI i.e. the Return on Investment. There are researchers around the world who are trying to understand the impact of this kind of education and the benefits to the Corporate as well as the individuals who take on this challenge of higher education along with their job responsibility.&#13;
The researcher is of the opinion that there is a valid gap between the employable and the available candidates for employment. Efforts have been taken to reduce the gap from time to time by providing various training programs. Even though these training programs provide the requisite knowledge which finally transform into skills and competencies but still the candidates do not get a chance to upgrade their qualification. Also once the candidates are employed it becomes difficult to take time out to procure a professional qualification. This is where the concept of corporate education comes in. Through corporate education the candidate can work and learn to acquire a recognized certification at the same time.&#13;
The researcher is of the opinion that such training will help the candidate to improve on the required knowledge but a full-fledged corporate education program will provide the candidate with not only the knowledge but also with a valid certificate which will help them to climb up the corporate ladder. Such programs will be useful when the candidate is to be promoted or is to be retained in the organization. Also the company can be benefitted by getting a more skilled employee. These corporate education programs also play a big role in employee retention.&#13;
Corporate education, Training, Employee retention, Employable, Educated.</Abstract>
        <Abstract>https://aimsjournal.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=13296&amp;title=CORPORATE EDUCATION AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO EMPLOYABILITY IN INDIA</Abstract>