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      <Season>January 2016 - June 2016</Season>
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          <FirstName>Dr. Sanjay</FirstName>
      <Abstract>The business education as a discipline is well established in India in last 4/5 decade. The country has witnessed many changes in the learning stream of business education with changes in technology, environment and industry requirements. It is no longer a matter of discussion as to should we have business education or not? On the contrary the major question before us how to enhance the quality of business education. The issues related with business education changing their nature due to the change occurring at different level. A variety of changes that have taken place in last few decades have challenged the initial presentation regarding business education. Earlier it was presumed that business education is the requirement of industrial managers and only practicing managers need to undergo business education. However the situation and scenario changed significantly, only practicing mangers need to learn business education is no longer valid. There are many other dimensions of business education. Since 1960__ampersandsign#39;s business education is launched at university level and there is steady but definite growth of B schools in India. Often this growth is criticized as mushroom growth due to mismatch between the demand and supply side. The planners of business education one to question as to the relevance and utility of such un-precedence increase in member of B__ampersandsign#39;s school. The issue before us are to identify the lesson as to why business education is considered as irrelevant and has lost its importance.Can this system of education be further encouraged and if all reforms are needed then what are the areas where such reforms are needed? From this point of view the issues becomes more pertinent and valid as to what is the future of business education in India and has business education in India shall grow in due course of time. The present paper discusses issues as to future of business education in India from different perspectives. Some important issues that are discussed in this paper highlight at following aspects.&#13;
i . The existing system of business education doesn__ampersandsign#39;t stand to the expectation of different stakeholders.&#13;
ii. The business education | India needs to be reformed and reviewed in the light of the Socioeconomic and technical environment.&#13;
iii. The business education in India requires more appropriate long-term strategies to meet the expectations of society.&#13;
Business education Pragmatic approach towards business education challenges before B schools. New Trends in business education, Establishing an appropriate strategy to reform.</Abstract>
        <Abstract>https://aimsjournal.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=13273&amp;title=CONTEMPORARY SCENARIO OF BUSINESS EDUCATION : ISSUES AND CHALLENGES</Abstract>