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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2022 - June, 2022

Pages: 30-39
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Influence of Personality Traits on Innovative Behaviour of Techno Entrepreneurs

Author: Sridevi C, Dr. Shagufta Sayed

Category: Human Resource Management


Entrepreneurs contribute to economy of any country. Entrepreneurs not only make money, but they also create jobs for a large number of people. Entrepreneurs play a critical part in any country's development. There can be many types of entrepreneurs but here we study techno entrepreneurs. Techno entrepreneurs are playing crucial role in terms of technological development and finding new ways of doing business. In this paper the topic that is considered is techno entrepreneur’s personality traits and innovative behaviour. While doing business what are the important aspects and how they behave in certain way and what are various aspects of their behaviour is covered in previous studies would be discussed and understood in this paper. The study further concentrates on what are the areas which are not covered and whether there is a scope for further study would be highlighted.

Keywords: Techno-Entrepreneurs, Need for Achievement, Tolerance of Ambiguity, Self-Efficacy, Innovative Behviour