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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2022 - June, 2022

Pages: 1-10

Date of Publication: 21-Jun-2022

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Cinema Advertising: The Recovery, Rebound & Rebuild post Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Sadaf Zeba

Category: Human Resource Management


Abstract: Purpose: This research paper seeks to throw light on the traumatized cinema advertising due to the corona virus outbreak and its revival and comeback post-pandemic. This paper also focuses on the tough competition being faced by the cinema industry and in turn cinema advertising, the competitors being Over-the-Top (OTT) giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar making Video-on-Demand (VoD) available through online streaming services. The paper will also emphasize on the recovery, rebound and rebuild of cinema advertising which has been cited by many exhibitors and advertising agencies as one of the best traditional advertising medium to promote brands with a targeted reach and zero fraud. Findings: Covid-19 has had devastating effects on the social and economic infrastructure worldwide. Almost all business sectors have been affected directly or indirectly. The entertainment industry was also hard-hit and is coping to come back. Amongst the marketing & advertising media, the cinema advertising was the biggest casualty. With cinema theatres shut down during the lockdown, the moviegoers switched to VoD and streaming online content furnished by the OTT platforms. The cinema advertising business had a steep fall seeing a slump of approximately 85% as the catastrophic result of Covid-19. The current situation is getting back to normal with declining number of corona virus cases and accelerated pace of vaccinations. Cinema halls have reopened across India and are running with 100% occupancy. Cinema theatres have opened with a bang with frequent theatrical releases of big ticket movies luring the audience to watch movies on the silver screen thus giving a major push to exhibition industry and cinema advertising. The footfall has been increasing ever since the reopening of the multiplexes and theatres. Originality/Value: Not much of study and survey has been done with respect to the recovery and comeback of cinema advertising. Cinema advertising is an underrated and underutilized advertising media and thus it hasn’t been given much of focus and attention. My study will try to decipher insights on the rebound and rebuild of cinema advertising post Covid-19 pandemic. I will also try to throw light on what the future holds for cinema advertising. Research Methodology: The research is based on secondary data. The research is a descriptive research. I have fetched the data through research papers, various new reports and articles and also from previously done surveys and questionnaires.

Keywords: Covid-19, Cinema Advertising, Film Industry, Post-pandemic Recovery, Video-on- Demand (VoD), Over-the-Top (OTT), Exhibition Industry