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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 11, Issue 2, July 2021 - December 2021

Pages: 41-45
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The Impact of Technological Constraints in Fashion Industries with Special Preference to Women Apparels on Social Media.

Author: Shaikh Kainat

Category: Information Technology Management


Abstract- E-commerce is the future. The impact of technology (social media) is getting immensely involved in day-to-day business. Within the past decade a remarkable development has been witnessed. Designers are using technology as a business tool. Fashion industry is one of the business where frequent changes occurs and technology (social media) is the most convenient and cheapest mean to communicate. The emergence of social media has transformed the world and its entire way of functioning, bringing the world and its people closer. Technology in today`s modern scenario which has become the necessity and moreover it has become the need of the hour irrespective of streams. Technology has become the pioneer and so is the case in fashion business. Today technology and fashion can`t be separated from each other “it is like two side of a single coin”. Technology has altered modern life in many ways especially in fashion trends, the concept behind this topic is that today there arose a cut-throat competition in fashion industries were there are lots of fashion designers and many of them are unaware of how to reach the end users and how to gain maximum benefit out of it, so this study will help those fashion designers to understand the impact of technology for reaching the end user.

Keywords: Source, Review, Rating, Revolutionized, Embraced