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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2013- June 2013

Pages: 139-143
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Author: Prof. Dr. Kabiru Isa Dandago

Category: General Management


The paper examines the weakness of publ c and private sector managers in the Nigerian economy in the discharge of their responsibilities, with a view to showing the negative effect of that weakness towards achieving the noble objective of sustainable economic development. The paper is a literature review type, highlighting the major conclusions and recommendations of management scientists on the management professionalism to be demonstrated for managers to move their organizations forward, and ultimately contribute towards achieving the overall objective of sustainable economic development. It is discovered that management professionalism, which demands the establishment of effective internal control system in an organization, with all the eight components of the system being strongly operational, is the missing link for Nigeria‘s industrialization and sustainable nationa( development. It is recommended that managers of private and public sector organizations in the country should be trained professional managers, belonging to the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) for them to be inculcated with the required ethical responsibility expected of them in spearheading the achievement of organizational and nationalobjectives.


Management Professionalism, Industria(ization, Sustainable economic Development, Internal Control System