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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2021 - June 2021

Pages: 1-5
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Study to Assess the Scope and Essential Factors to Market a Business on Social Media, With Special Reference to Home-Based Women Entrepreneurs.

Author: Jasmeet Patil

Category: Marketing Management


Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this research is to find out usage patterns of social media users, and what is the scope of running a business on a social media platform. The purpose of the study is to explore and enquire whether women entrepreneurs find social media platforms as an effective marketing tool to help them in the sustenance of their businesses. Methodology: In this study I have used primary data to understand the usage patterns of social media users. A thorough investigation has been done with the help of secondary data from eminent publication sources relevant to the subject matter. Findings: Social media platforms have opened endless opportunities for the current generation of home-based women entrepreneurs, they can today set up and promote their businesses without investing in a brick and mortar set up. However, acquiring the appropriate knowhow will be inevitable for the success of any business functioning on social media sites. The social media business industry is constantly growing in the Indian market. This has not only provided opportunities to the home-based women entrepreneurs to become financially independent but also has opened up a huge market for the traders of various tangible and intangible commodities. The scope of business being managed on social media has a promising future prospect. Implications: The findings of this study will give a better understanding to home-based women entrepreneurs, who wish to start their own ventures on social media networking sites. It will give them a better understanding of why the social media platform is an attractive option compared to the traditional brick and mortar structure of business. The shift towards virtual platforms for running a business is real today. It is attractive as it requires least investment with an exposure to a huge market.

Keywords: Key words: #Home-based women entrepreneurs, #Social media, # marketing