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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2021 - June 2021

Pages: 33-36

Date of Publication: 28-Jul-2021

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An IoT aided model to remotely monitor post-surgery recovery of Orthopaedic patients

Author: Shahrukh Khan, Dr. Manik Kadam

Category: Information Technology Management


Population of Indian cities in general and particularly Pune has seen an exponential growth in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, our healthcare services have not been able to keep up with the growing demand for quality hospitals and doctors.

Being a practice leader in Digital domain for the past 20 years and after having implemented multiple mobility and Internet of Things based solutions in the healthcare industry, it has become imperative for the researcher on a personal front to work on a technology-based solution for the problem closer to home.

In conversation with leading doctors and hospital administrators, it was realized the biggest challenge that hospitals face is to do with providing care to patients when they are discharged after a major Orthopaedic surgery. Most of the human resource and infrastructure at a hospital is spent for the recovery of the in-patients after surgeries and other major procedures. Patients also must bear the cost and inconvenience of the patients and their relatives when a patient is admitted to the hospital. Hospitals are always struggling to reduce the “Length of Stay” of patients.

It was also observed that Orthopaedic patients typically have the least life threating risk once a procedure or surgery is successful, but these patients must remain admitted in order to complete their physiotherapy sessions, gain strength and their health vitals like BP, Heart rate etc. needs to be monitored.

The idea of implementing IoT to track the health vitals and exercises and progress in gaining strength through pressure sensors from a remote location i.e. the patient’s home, was very well received by the doctors and hospital administrations.

This research is to identify the benefits that Hospitals, Doctors and Patients would get from an IoT Devices and sensors based remote monitoring system. The research will investigate as to how this system will reduce the length of stay at hospital of Orthopaedic patients.

Keywords: IoT in Healthcare industry, Internet of Things, Patient Remote Monitoring, Health Data Analytics