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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, PUNE - Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2021 - June 2021

Pages: 8-18
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Patent Literature as a Tool for Talent Acquisition – A Case Study

Author: Yogita Sanjay Pawar, Alok khode, Dr. Shabib-Ahmed Shaikh

Category: Information Technology Management


Human resource management is an important task in any organization involving strategic approach for effective and efficient utilization of human resources to achieve an organizations core objectives and help gain competitive advantage. Hiring of right professional at the right time and right place is hence an important aspect of human resource management to have a positive impact on organizational performance. To identify experts in the field, authenticate professional data about personnel and their work is required. Social media plays an important role in harnessing this information available in public domain. As a new avenue for searching professional expertise in particular fields or technology, patent document can also be used. This paper attempts in providing a fresh dimension of looking towards patent literature from the aspect of human resource identification. Patent provides exclusive right over an innovation. It contains authentic information about innovation, its inventors and assignee. This feature can be utilised to extract information about authentic inventors working in particular areas of interest. Hence patent literature can be put to use to hire experts in the field on basis of their innovative work graph and its value in the market. This paper discusses two case studies to showcase a methodology for human resource managers for searching and obtaining valid information about legitimate inventors and their team by making use of patent literature. Two different case studies are looked upon in two totally different domains of technologies to emphasize that patent literature can be used as a tool for human resource recruitment in almost any field of technology.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Patents, Patent Analytics, HRM