Allana Management Journal of Research


Pages: 67-70

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001


Author: Dr. Sanjay Kaptan

Category: Human Resource Management

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The present paper deals with the role of the development in enhancing the quality of human resources. IT also explains how skill development has now
become a major aspect of economic development of India. There are no
two opinions to the facts that skill development is the key to enhance employability.
The professional and skill requirement of the employees are not rightly met by
educational institution. There is a skill gap that exists in what is taught in academic
institutions and what is required by the employers. Unless and until the skill gap is
met by enhancing the quality of learners by improving their skills and updating their
knowledge to meet market requirements, employability of the youth cannot be
improved. There is no dearth of jobs. However there is a dearth of people with the
desired skills and qualities. To overcome this mismatch, special efforts are required
to be made. The paper focuses on how skill development can help in enriching quality
of human resources.

Keywords: Skills, skill Development, Human Resource Enrichment, Initiatives for Skill Development, Industry – Institution Interaction.