Allana Management Journal of Research


Pages: 40-50

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001


Author: Prof. Jawed S. Khan , Prof. Irfan J. Shaikh

Category: Information Technology Management

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Resource planning is the prime objective of every enterprise. Production companies, business Enterprises are all using ERP to optimize their
resources and keep themselves afloat in this era of competition.
Educational sector, especially Universities and Colleges cannot be exceptions. In
many Educational Institutions administrative work as well Teaching-Learning process
is computerized to some extent through various software, which could be considered
bits and pieces. A survey was conducted on effective usage of E-Admin (a component of ERP), in a
selected Educational Hub, where information of Students, staff, Employees,
Accounts and Library is handled with the help of a typical ERP software. Currently
three modules namely Library Management, Students information system and
account information system are being used since last seven years. In this paper,
findings of the survey are reported. Analysis of the data was carried out using system
analytic methods, especially module wise flow of data, data distribution, data
integrity in various in educational business processes were critically examined. Flaws
and problems of the E-admin software were identified. Finally solutions are
suggested, based on the system analysis, in this case study.

Keywords: Enterprises Resource Planning(ERP), E-Administration, Educational Institute, Information Technology, Data Distribution, Data accessibility, ERP implementations.