Allana Management Journal of Research


Pages: 38-40

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

“Change in Financial Assets w.r.t. Household Sector in India”

Author: Hatim Fakhruddin Kayumi

Category: Financial Management

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Investment decisions taken by retail investors are dependent on numerous factors. There are number of alternatives available in the hands of household or retail investors for investing funds in financial instruments / securities in India. Present study is a descriptive research that aims to examine the movements and changes in various financial assets particularly with respect to individual / household sector in India. Research is largely based on secondary data which was collected from annual reports and publications of RBI as well as through internet. Research tried to study movement in selected financial assets of household sector such as bank deposits, non-bank deposits, life insurance fund, provident fund __ampersandsign pension fund and shares __ampersandsign debentures. Research made attempts to examine the change or movement in these financial assets over a period of more than two and half decades, i.e. from year 1990-91 to 2016-17.

Keywords: Investment, Financial Assets, Household, Movement