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ALLANA MANAGEMENT JOURNAL OF RESEARCH - Volume 7, Issue1, July 2017 - December 2017

Pages: 35-44

Impact of In-House Implementation of Business Intelligence with Reference to Industries in ITES sector in & around Pune

Author: Mr. Santaji P Ghorpade, Prof. (Dr.) Manik Kadam

Category: Management Sciences

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Todayís digital era and competitive edge is highly influenced by the DATA. The raw data when processed and handled properly creates the meaningful information. In any Business Organization information acts as one of its vital assets which cover all the three levels i.e from operational to strategic. In todayís data driven world, data is at the heart of every organization. Business Intelligence (BI) is a skilled technique of processing and transforming the raw data into meaningful information thereby producing new insights and supporting the high-end decision-making to yield real business benefits. Sustainability & growth of Business can be achieved through Effective and Efficient In-House Implementation of Business Intelligence. This paper highlights the impacts that in-house implementation of BI has made on various ITES sector industries (Banking, Insurance, telecom and Healthcare) in and around Pune. The findings reveal how BI enhances the Sustainability and Growth of a Business by affecting its key areas. The respondents are the CIOís / CIUís (Chief Information Officerís / Userís) who rely heavily on the data for Business Processes to function properly. Based on the findings a suitable model has been proposed by the researcher.

Keywords: In-House, Business Intellengence, Knowledge Management, ITES, ICT, Effeciency, Effectiveness